The Future of Renewable Energy

January 22, 2014 // 0 Comments

According to the World Council for Wind Energy, wind power represents 282 GW of total power (19 % of the global grid in 2012) at the global level including 35 % Europe and this renewable energy remains by far the most important after hydraulic energy  estimated at 750 GW and far beyond solar which is roughly 100.  Nuclear power is of the order of 370 MW.

There is always strong opposition to the massive dissemination of wind farms in spite of impressive growth, at the global level.

Among the many arguments advanced by these opponents is that the development of the wind energy will inevitably lead to an explosion in electric prices for consumers.

In term of the effective production of electricity, wind power represents far more than 500 TWh per year in the world, or the equivalent of the total electricity consumption of a country like Germany, but  this level of production represents less than 1% of global output.

Various studies carried out in the United States and in Great Britain confirm that it is quite feasible, in terms of economic, industrial and technological development to aim for 20% of the world production of electricity from wind power, or approximately 5000 TWH in wind farms, which represents about 8,500 offshore wind turbines.

Great Cooking Sites

January 22, 2014 // 0 Comments

Eating right is one of the best things you can do for your body. Nutrition is very important, because without a proper regimen your body will perform at a mediocre efficiency and capacity leaving you wondering why you are feeling tired, and lacking energy and motivation.

Today we take a look at some food great food related sites.

Fine Cooking
Database of cooking recipes and culinary magazine. Thousands of recipes to home cooking, advice and information on food products and how to prepare them.
Culinary Magazine online offering a large collection of recipes and explanations of cooking techniques, a guide to restaurants, and numerous articles for foodies.

Cooking Light
Site of the American magazine Cooking Light, this site offers many cooking recipes, menu ideas, etc.

Jamie Oliver
Official Site of Jamie Oliver, the British cooking sensation sharing his cooking recipes, offers, videos, etc.
Last but not least, this mega-portal features almost half a million diverse recipes!

All these sites will provide you with great resources for creating a meal, but make sure you pick the recipes that are healthiest!